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You Work Hard.  Travel Harder.

We know how hard you work.  Let our passion & experience help to enrich your vacation so you can play harder.

  • No booking / service / hidden fees.  EVER!

  • We work with our partners to pass the savings directly to you.  Every time.

  • We have been to where you want to go.  We can provide you with valuable information / past experiences to help plan your vacation so you can play more and pay less.

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Use our experience to create that EPIC vacation

A customized trip - It’s All about YOU.


Personalized service is just a phone call away.  Call us at 1-800-941-6856.

Cookie Cutters are for Cookies.


We are continuously working and researching travel industry offers to find ones that are tailored to your needs.

Recommendations that are a custom fit.

We advise and advocate for you.


Right Experience that fits YOU!

We have a solution.

You get more with us.

We will take your vacation budget further so you can play harder on vacation.

The World is Yours...
Wonder less, Wander more.

Klein Travel was founded in 2021 on the premise that we want to use our experience and knowledge to help you to explore the world. Become your own tour guide and explore while having that EPIC vacation.

No borders, no lines...  just you and the world.

Klein Travel is committed to promoting travel experiences that respects human rights and the environment.  We have embodied this commitment to seeking out travel partners who share our vision to offer NET ZERO emissions modes of travel in the future.

Our New Faces, New Places policy includes selecting travel partners who have already demonstrated a meaningful desire to include programs that change our world one person at a time.

We seek travel organizations that match up to our four key building blocks of Respect, Care, Conserve and Reduce.


Respect the local people and culture. As explorers we should learn and share our experiences with others.


We remember to ‘look but don’t touch’ when engaging in wildlife activities.


In many parts of the world Electricity and Water should be conserved.  We elect to go GREEN and eliminate waste when possible.


Our elections we make are critical on every vacation experience we take.  When available we should choose paper over plastic. Seek items that have reduced packaging.  Reuse or re-purpose items when applicable.

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